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Office cleaning

As an initial meeting place for clients and the central hub for employees, your place of business is a hardworking space. You can maximise your everyday business operations by prioritising professionalism and cleanliness in the workplace.

No matter the industry, all businesses in Southampton and the surrounding areas are sure to benefit from the professional office cleaning services of Bradfield Property Management Ltd. With our decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we’re confident that our cleaning services will elevate the look and feel of your facilities.

Experience a cleaner workplace

With so many people gathered in one space, it’s easy to see how a busy workplace can quickly become dirty. To help you maintain a tidy and professional facility, we offer a range of general cleaning services.

From vacuuming and carpet cleaning to computer keyboard and telephone cleaning, our attentive staff can complete a thorough office clean to the highest possible standard. To promote a clean and hygienic work environment, our cleaning services extend to office bathrooms and onsite kitchens.

You take pride in your work, and so do we. Because each member of our cleaning staff is highly trained and experienced, you can trust that we’ll deliver an immaculate and efficient clean — regardless of the task.

 Benefit from a personalised service

Through 24 years of service, our professional staff have always prioritised customer experience. To that end, we work to accommodate the unique needs of each of our customers.

We offer daily, weekly and monthly cleaning plans so you can customise your cleaning schedule. No matter the size or shape of your commercial property, we will work out a cleaning and maintenance schedule that meets the current and growing demands of your business.
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At Bradfield Property Management Ltd, we believe that everyone deserves a clean place to conduct their business. For reliable office cleaning services in the Southampton area, call us today on 02380 420892 or get in touch through our online contact form.